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The European Society for Oceanists (ESfO) was established on the occasion of the First European Colloquium on Pacific Studies in Nijmegen (The Netherlands) in 1992. The society addresses itself to researchers with a regional interest in Oceania.

In the context of an increasingly integrated Europe the Society aims to enhance intellectual exchange and cooperation between individual researchers and between scholarly institutions, both within and outside Europe. This goal is to be achieved by maintaining an information network, by organizing conferences and by other appropriate means.

13th ESfO Conference

Ajaccio, Corsica, 2021

Organizers: CREDO (Centre for Research and Documentation on Oceania), Marseille, France and
Department of Cultures and Civilizations, University of Verona, Italy


Material and Immaterial in Motion

Oceania’s vast geography, seascape, and history are full of movement.

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