Become a member


a. The ESfO is an interdisciplinary organization; membership is open to anthropologists, linguists, historians, geographers, psychologists and other researchers.

b. Members are Oceanists who have been admitted to membership by decision of the board. Application is by correspondence with the board Chair, and must indicate a sponsor who is current member.

c. Eligible are people of academic standing who, by virtue of their training, posts held, or works published, can be recognised as professional Oceanists.

d. Members will have the right to attend conferences, to vote during the plenary sessions of the society, to participate in the elections of the board, and to receive information regarding the activities of the society.

e. Membership will be terminated by a written notification to, or from, the board.

Note that ESfO also has a discussion list. Once you are a member, you should subscribe to this list: ESfO Discussion List.

If you believe you meet the conditions and would like to become a member, please proceed as follows:

1) The ESfO membership database is hosted on the framework. You first need do create an account on  Once validated, fill in as much information as you believe is useful in your profile.

2) After this step, write an email to the ESfO Chair submitting your application. The board of ESfO will take a decision after reading your application and your profile on and will get back to you after the next board meeting (usually these take place at least once a year).

Note that each application needs to include at least the following information:

  • Name and given names
  • Current position and / or affiliation
  • The name and email address of a current member of the society that sponsors you